Hi Patrick,

i've worked with Python+Pandas about a month ago, 1 line of code should almost do this job.

Official website: https://pandas.pydata.org/

An idea of the code:

import pandas as pd


See you,



Il 2019-07-25 19:02 Patrick Ohnewein ha scritto:

Hi lugbz friends,

I have started looking for ways to convert json data into csv format.

For example to convert the json response provided by the Open Data Hub API about the list of accommodations:


Looking for simple shell tools, I came across jq, which is a powerful tool to filter json streams.


Usually it has to be used on the shell, but for playing there is even a handy website providing an online installation of the tool:


Even if I haven't been able yet to convert the json into csv format, still, I think it is a cool tool and worthwhile to be shared with you.

Did someone on the list already use it?

Best regards