last week I wanted to test a project we released under the AGPLv3.

It is a webapp to generate flyers for the Java Developer Meetings we organize together with partners like the JUGTAAS, UNIBZ and Fraunhofer at the NOI Techpark.

The code has been developed by the team of Andrea Cima as an HTML5 app, which doesn't need any backend. But to test the source code the developer has to deploy it on a webserver.

I didn't want to install and configure an Apache webserver on my laptop, because I would have to take care about firewalling it, etc. So I made a small research and discovered that using python - which I have already installed on my laptop - it's possible to start a local simple http server on the fly.

Check it out:


# start a simple python webserver on a free port (usually 8080)
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

Maybe this could be helpful to someone! And of course suggestions and feedback is very welcome!

Happy hacking!