I've used Lubuntu in his case and he was amazed about startup speed :) I will continue to setup his machine this week and convince them (husband and wife) to let go Win XP (it's a dual for now).
The upgrade to 4GB together with a *ix will guarantee them to postpone new PC investment for about 4-5 years maybe.

I have to convince him to stick to the manual recommendations as for RAM.



On 21 Oct 2014 00:40, "Patrick Ohnewein" <patrick.ohnewein@lugbz.org> wrote:

On 2014-10-19 08:04, Pasqualino Imbemba wrote:
> Should he do so or stick to the manual recommendations?

Good question. I think he will find out. ;-)

I recommend to try Xubuntu, it is really way faster than Ubuntu. The
main difference is the resource intensive Nautilus, Unity, Compiz which
are replaced on Xubuntu by much more resource efficient components.

The difference is impressive!