It can't be physically at the assembly. Is it possible to arrange for a videoconference?


Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer <> schrieb am Mi., 11. Mai 2016 22:11:
Hi Pasquale & others,

I enjoy your idea of decentralising the LUG.

Please consider this part of our general assembly email sent some time ago:
> Laut uns sollte der neugewählte Vorstand kompakt auftreten und sich
> vorwiegend um rechtliche Themen kümmern, d.h. als Exekutive und
> Organisator fungieren, um den Rest der Aufgaben mitarbeitswilligen
> Mitgliedern zu überlassen, welche er in deren Bedürfnissen und
> Anliegen unterstützt.
> Diese Mitglieder bilden dann Schwerpunktgruppen, um bspw. die
> Organisation der Installation Partys, Key-Signing Partys und der
> Workshops zu übernehmen, die Website zu pflegen oder auch um Open Data
> in der Öffentlichen Verwaltung zu verbreiten.
> Auch hier unser Aufruf zur Kandidatur! Dabei wäre es uns eine Freude,
> vermehrt Mitglieder aus anderen Landesteilen zu gewinnen, um
> Veranstaltungen künftig auch außerhalb Bozen und Umgebung anbieten zu
> können.

Just raise your points during the assembly, I hope you will be present

Of course we as LUG will need to help organising rooms in the various
places. This should not happen only in Bolzano, but likewise in Bruneck etc.


Pasqualino Imbemba schrieb:
> Dear all,
> I'd like to run for the oncoming LugBZ board elections.
> I want to take the chance and try to shape it closer to the people, i.e.
> to practically diffuse knowledge and FLOSS installations and be the
> collective where to point to in case of doubts/questions/need of help.
> This includes also some changes to means of communication.
> I also want to be LugBZ closer to the territory, with subsections in
> valleys. We should go into schools and/or youth centers and show what
> can be done with FLOSS.
> For those of you that don't know me: My name is Pasquale Imbemba, I'm 45
> years old. I was born and raised in Bochum, Germany. I live in South
> Tyrol since 1997. I had working experience at Senfter (Innichen and
> Rotterdam), Internet Consulting (Bruneck), Würth (Bozen), and Innerhofer
> (Bruneck).
> I developed enterprise application components according to the JEE (EJB
> 3.x). Keen interest into JEE standards, JBoss projects and products,
> open source / free software, GNU/Linux, and in Service Oriented
> Architecture and advocate their use.
> I'm (still) a Java/JEE enthusiast and use both GNU/Linux (at home) and
> Windows (at work).
> I did quite some free installations and maintenance of GNU/Linux OS,
> mainly ubuntu, for desktop purposes and got quite positive feedback.
> I live in Bruneck with my wife and two kids.
> Cheers
> #pasquale
> _______________________________________________