Introducing Assistant, the newest addition to the world of digital assistants. Developed by OpenAI, Assistant is a powerful computer program designed to understand and produce natural language.

With its machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, Assistant is able to cover a wide range of topics and provide quick and reliable answers to questions. Whether you need information on a particular subject, a quick answer to a question, or just a second opinion, Assistant is the perfect digital assistant for you.
Using Assistant is free and easily accessible. You can use it from any device with an internet connection. Its goal is to help you with your information needs and answer your questions, making your life easier.

So far, Assistant has helped many people answer their questions and find the information they need quickly and reliably. Why not give Assistant a try and see how it can help you?


Everything you have read so far is 100% not written by a human. Seriously not a single word! I didn't even come up with the title myself - that was all done by the Ki.
It's just breathtaking what artificial intelligences can do nowadays. The assistant of OpenAI can even program whole functions in different programming languages.
Anyone who hasn't tried the assistant yet must do so:
Best wishes